We've taken exercise programming to the next level.

A personal training software to fuel your growth and build deeper relationships with your clients.

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Training people

Write in-depth session plans quickly and with great tools

Give access to your clients and recieve feedback

Track data without spreadsheets and visualise instantly

Benefits and features

Workout Builder

A powerful workout design tool using free-form text editors. Write anything you want.

Visualise data

Analyse and visualise the programme without spending your entire day entering numbers into spreadsheets. We'll handle that.

Cloud storage

It's all on the internet. Access anytime and anywhere.

Quick Progression

Copy the sessions across a set time-frame with your changes in just a few clicks

Sleek and Minimal UI

Minimal and easy to understand. Simplicity goes a long way.

Super Affordable

No complicated pricing plans with different restrictions. Just pay and get instant access.

Unlimited Clients

There is no limit on the number of clients you can have. Go out there and grow your business.


Edit your portfolio to share important information with your clients.


Create your own pre-made templates to help you programme faster.


Want to manage your clients easily?

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"Train In Blocks has been a huge time saver for me and helped me get a lot of my clients in order. They’ve also found it helpful to have the platform to aid their workouts. It’s easy to navigate and very affordable."

- Kies

"The app is perfect for storing client data, making programming easy, and more organised. So much more affordable than other software and just as good! I love the features that come with it and guidance on how to use them."

- Nicola

"I love using Train In Blocks. It has helped me to create detailed training sessions for my clients, track their progress, and to divide different stages of my clients’ training. It’s so easy to use and looks very smart too at a very good price point."

- Dave





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  • Save 15% when you sign up on this plan
  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited plans
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Create session templates
  • Client-access
  • Session bookings



  • Unlimited clients
  • Unlimited plans
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Create session templates
  • Client-access
  • Session bookings

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