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5 ways to boost client retention

5 ways to boost client retention

Created by Mikey Lau


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1. Make your rewards progressive

Nothing beats a good incentive to encourage health-promoting behaviours. A simple way to reward and keep your client is to use a point or milestone-based system. For example, for every 5 SMART goals completed, they are rewarded. You can add different tiers of rewards, just be creative! However, be sure to budget for any expenses to keep your spending in check.

2. Schedule meetings and catch-ups

This should be a standard practice for your personal training services. Frequent contact and communication with your clients could improve your retention and quality of service.

With that in mind, you can schedule weekly meetings or if you’re busy, just give them a quick call. Alternatively, you can also have a meeting on-the-move. Just take them on a quick walk outside whilst discussing their progress and goals.

3. Create a community or a group chat

This is going above and beyond. It may or may not work depending on the number of clients and their personalities. Nevertheless, offering a community is a strong way to boost your brand. It could be as simple as creating a group chat for your clients to get to know and encourage each other. This will add extra value to your services and you'll always have an army of loyal clients who will testify how great you are!

4. Have back-up plans and always be ready

Life is fast and dynamic where some may find it difficult to stick to a structured routine. By always having back-up plans or workouts, you can be ready for anything. For instance, your client just received more work and they won’t be able to have any sessions this week. You could have a plan in place where they’ll receive a home-workout and a mental health guide to keep them motivated.

5. Listen to their other interests

We’ve all heard it before. We have 2 ears so that we may listen more than we speak. You’ll never know what other interests your clients may have. Finding this out and using the information with the previous points could enhance your client retention. Additionally, you can research their interests so that you can have better conversations with them.

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