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Mindfulness can become an important part of your training regime

Five ways to 'be mindful' with Train In Blocks

Created by Jamie Spoor


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Something a little different this time here at Train In Blocks as we take a moment to take a breather and slow down. As Britain bakes under a heatwave (it definitely counts as one), it's important to tailor your workout to adapt to the hot weather. Be careful not to push too hard or overdo it, and be sure to incorporate plenty of rest between sets to ensure you don't put yourself at risk.

That brings us neatly on to 'mindfulness': a perhaps relatively unknown but nonetheless important element of any training workout. You can look to try and introduce these five different methods into you and your clients' fitness regime making for a far more fulfilling and empowering session. But first, let's have a quick look at what this actually means.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is defined as the human ability to maintain being fully present in the moment, aware of where we are and what we're doing and not be overly reactive or consumed by what's going on around us.

Mindfulness is a quality that we all possess in some way or other; there's no magic conjuring trick, it just takes a bit of practice to tap into it.

Mindfulness can be used in various ways in a coaching practice. Coaches can use mindfulness as a governing approach and philosophy while coaching clients. Additionally, coaches can weave mindfulness techniques into a coaching session as tactics and tools that accentuate the session. In either situation, mindfulness can enhance the client experience and help clients in a variety of ways.

It's not obscure or exotic, you don't need to change, anyone can do it, it's a way of living and it's evidence based. Both science and experience have demonstrated the positive benefits of mindfulness when it comes to health, happiness, work and relationships.

You can incorporate mindfulness into your coaching MO

  • It is helpful to incorporate a brief body scan, meditation, or visualisation to help become more present before starting any coaching sessions. This will allow you, as the Personal Trainer, to become more present to the moment and be more prepared to coach effectively. This will also give you a chance to separate from your day to help guide your clients and get them in the right 'head space'.
  • Begin the session with 'mindfulness'. When a client checks in with you as normal, take the opportunity to mindfully ensure they have everything they need to begin the session. This gives the client the chance to clear their head and to 'centre' themselves before you begin. This way, it clears their mind ahead of the session.
  • Use mindfulness to remain 'in the present'. Remain mindful and aware of your thoughts as you work with a client. Additionally, remain mindful to avoid asking questions that lead the client to what you want or expect to hear. Remain present to what the client is sharing verbally as well as their non-verbal behaviours.
  • Consider adding mindfulness techniques that help the client to manage their emotional state and increase their self-awareness. These techniques can include deep breathing, meditation, body scan and visualisation. As a coach, you can utilize these techniques anytime in the session.
  • Utilise the mindfulness principles of non-judgment, non-striving, and keeping a beginner’s mind while working with clients. Remember, the client leads the agenda, and the role of a coach is to be the guide that helps facilitate learning and insight. Keeping a beginner’s mind will allow you not to assume simply based on what you are hearing.

If you are looking to incorporate some of these strategies into your training regime, remember it will take time so be patient.

As you begin trying these mindfulness techniques or strategies, consider checking in with your clients on what the experience was like for them. This will provide essential feedback that can help continue to fine-tune the art of using mindfulness in a coaching setting and will also give you a strong marketing USP.

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