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Strong marketing is an essential part of being a good PT

Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers

Created by Jamie Spoor


5 minute read

As we know, being a personal trainer is undoubtedly a challenging but rewarding industry. You are making a pertinent difference to people's lives and watching someone grow and develop before your eyes surely brings an immense feeling of satisfaction.

But to continue on an upward trajectory, and to get the best out of life in the industry, personal trainers — as self-employed workers — have to be business savvy by marketing themselves and the services they offer. In our interview with PT Sean Wilson, Sean spoke at length about how marketing strategy is a crucial piece of weaponry in a trainer's armoury. It sets you apart from the field and strong marketing gives you a unique USP.

So with that in mind, Train In Blocks can help you, with a few simple marketing tips, to improve this aspect of your modus operandi.

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