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Meet the Team... Jamie Spoor

Created by Jamie Spoor


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Jamie joined our team in late 2021 and since then has been responsible for putting together the blog posts you see on our site. We have tried to target specific themes based around monthly events but recently have been focusing on more interview-style pieces to gain a targeted insight into the industry.

Jamie, tell us about your Train In Blocks journey?

My strong background in journalism and copywriting made Train In Blocks seem a natural fit for the next phase of my career despite the fact I’ve never worked for a fitness app before. I knew Joe and Hannah from university so when I was asked if I wanted to join the team as a writer, I jumped at the chance to turn my hand to something different.

What has been your favourite project worked on as part of Train In Blocks?

It has taken me out of my comfort zone but I’ve learned so much and loved every minute of the role. The interview with Sean Wilson stands out as my favourite moment and the best project we have worked on. I was given free rein to plan, interview and write everything up, Sean proved a great interviewee and the whole team loved the final outcome. It gives me great satisfaction and a tremendous buzz when my colleagues love my work. I’ve also learned loads about what’s required when it comes to running a business, how coding works, and the importance of SEO.

What is your own fitness regime like?

My personal fitness has always been good. I use the gym two or three times a week, even when I was at university, regularly play sport, go walking with the dog and I love my hiking and going into the mountains (not as often as I’d like, though). I’m in a mountaineering club and off to Northern Ireland this year.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

The journalism industry is such a fast-moving one it’s difficult to predict where I’ll be in a few years but I’d like to continue to develop my skillset working for other companies ideally as a feature writer. I also like the idea of being on radio either with my own show or as a guest on someone else’s!

Anything else you'd like to tell our readers?

I'm a bit of an “av geek.” I’m interested in planes, especially modern jets and try to visit as many air displays as possible (I am doing RIAT this year, which is the biggest in the world) as well as reading and researching aviation topics. I have co-written a book on aviation in my home county of Sussex.

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