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Train In Blocks Technical Director Joe Bailey

Meet the Team... Joe Bailey

Created by Jamie Spoor


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This time we meet our second longest-serving team member: web expert and design guru Joe Bailey. One of our founding fathers, Joe has simply been integral in getting Train in Blocks to where we are now and we would like to thank him for his efforts so far.

Joe, tell us about your Train In Blocks journey?

"I joined Train In Blocks in March 2020, just before COVID shut down the world. Mikey had conceptualised the company and needed someone to implement the application that would make up Train In Blocks. Before the lockdown, we had a few meetings to discuss what was needed from the application. Over the following year and a half, I built the application with VueJS, hosted on Netlify, with a PHP backend hosted on Digital Ocean."

What has been your favourite project worked on as part of Train In Blocks?

"Train In Blocks is definitely the largest project I’ve worked on and it was great help when Mikey said he wanted to learn how to code. We now develop features together, thoroughly testing, to make sure everything works for you. Train In Blocks does some really clever stuff under the hood to make it the platform you know and love and we’ll be exploring how it does this in future blog posts."

What is your own fitness regime like?

Personally, I’m not big on fitness, my metabolism is fast enough to keep me slim, and I’ve never needed to bulk up. Recently, however, I have been going to the gym and Train In Blocks helps me keep to a schedule and track my progress session-to-session.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years time, I’d like to invest even more time into Train In Blocks, growing the business to become a recognisable brand name within the fitness industry. I’d like to implement a payments feature, allowing you to take payments from your clients simply. I thank all of you that have subscribed so far for your invaluable support. We recognise you as the first users of the app and we will always have our users in mind, even in 5 years time no matter how large the business becomes.

Anything else you'd like to tell our readers?

Did you know I also run a Web Development company, Galexia? Everything I learn from building websites, marketing, SEO, I bring back to Train In Blocks to help the business grow. Running two businesses enables me to make decisions about how best to help you when developing features for Train In Blocks.

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