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Train In Blocks Founder Mikey Lau

Meet the Team... Mikey Lau

Created by Jamie Spoor


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Last up in our "Meet the Team" series of blog posts, it's the turn of our co-founder and fitness extraordinaire: our very own Mikey Lau. Mikey is an ex-personal trainer and sports massage therapist turned developer. He is our man to make it all happen having set the company up and, without him, Train In Blocks simply would not exist. Here, Mikey provides us with an insight into how it all began, his journey to this point and what the future may hold.

Mikey, tell us about your Train In Blocks journey?

I’ve been in the industry working in big box gyms as well as running fitness classes for residential companies. I loved every bit of personal training and how I was able to make an impact on people day-to-day. Joe and I founded Train In Blocks in 2020 after realising PTs needed an affordable solution to manage their clientele and their programmes.

What has been your favourite project worked on as part of Train In Blocks?

Being able to have the opportunity to create something worthwhile and valuable to other trainers. We have received much positive feedback about our simplicity, the app's functionality, and how it saved time for our users.

What is your own fitness regime like?

My personal fitness journey began when I was 16 and visited my first ever gym session. My goal was to lose weight and improve my general health. I also suffered from Osgood - Schlatter disease which is a common issue just below the knees where it impacted my day-to-day life and mobility. I wasn’t able to squat properly and without pain. After years of training and trying new things like Olympic Weightlifting, cross-training, and swimming, I am now able to move pain-free and squat below parallel. Nowadays, I’m actively boxing and have continued my functional training journey.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I see myself running and expanding Train In Blocks and helping more PTs and coaches around the world — offering more value with each step. That's the ultimate aim.

Anything else you'd like to tell our readers?

One thing that may surprise you is that I don’t like beer, cider, or anything that’s really sweet. I’m more of a whisky kind of guy. 

We would all like to thank Mikey for his sterling efforts so far with the business and for giving us the opportunity to work for him. Keep up the good work.

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