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Brand awareness is very important for a Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Guest Post Outreach

Created by Jamie Spoor


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Want to write a health, diet, or fitness guest post? If you are an expert in these fields and you have good writing skills we’d love to have you write for our blog.

Guest posting is an all-around win-win. We get a great article for our readers to enjoy and you get exposure to readers of the blog and our followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and elsewhere. Not to mention if you own a website, guest posting can have great SEO benefits.

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when guest blogging:

  1. Focus on websites related to your industry - No one wants to read about fashion trends on a blog about fitness training!
  2. Keep the target audience in mind while writing - Most blogs have strict guidelines in place for guest bloggers.
  3. Write content under your own name - After all, you don’t want someone else getting credit for your work.
  4. Link to influencers - They will notice and might even help promote your guest blog post, which in return will increase the referral traffic it generates.

Guest posting has many different benefits to you and your business and your skillset as a Personal Trainer. Here are a few ideas to get you started when it comes to outreach.

Increase your brand awareness and credibility

Brand awareness among your audience and the general public doesn’t happen overnight. It also doesn’t happen from a simple, one-off advertisement or marketing campaign. Ensure you promote yourself as more than simply a company and a service and give your audience insight into the person, or people, behind the brand.

Guest posting can be a great way to do this as it shows adaptability, self-awareness, and a willingness to reach out to different demographics even through a potential competitor. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness with minimal effort.

You can take advantage of the traffic that’s already arriving at another website to get more eyes on your brand while offering helpful and relevant content. In other words, you’re not just pushing out your product to people who aren’t ready to buy, but rather writing in your brand voice and presenting yourself as human first, company second. Another great alternative to guest blogging would be publishing sponsored content on niche websites.

Generate referral traffic back to your fitness website

Starting your own blog and promoting yourself can drive traffic to your website. This works best if your blog has some relation to the topic of your website. You can use your blog to host give-a-ways if your website sells products. Post often to your blog to drive traffic to it, and then point your blog followers to your website.

Guest blog posts create numerous opportunities to get referral traffic to your site. External links, author bios, and call to actions are typically present on most blog posts. If you can get a post featured on a well-known industry website you’ll benefit from the referral traffic and links coming to your site. It’s best to focus your efforts on websites that are considered leaders in your industry.

Connect with peers and build relationships with businesses in the personal training industry

People in your gym or fitness studio will likely see your positive relationships and realise that you are a trainer that they can trust.

Building rapport isn't always easy. It all boils down to communication. Working on your ability to communicate and handle vulnerability will be key to developing more intimate relationships with your personal training clients. Let everyone see your personality come across by writing for this blog. Great relationships start here.

Different clients will have different expectations, no different than having different fitness goals. It's essential that you be mindful of where people are coming from and meet them there. By guest posting, you're showing potential clients you have what it takes to be successful in the industry.

For anyone doing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), it’s important to know that among the 200 different ranking factors on Google, Domain Authority is one of them. Domain Authority is a ranking metric you can use to predict how well your website will rank on search engines. You can find out what your own Domain Authoirty is here.

Another way of looking at Domain Authority is that it shows the relevance of your site with respect to your industry or a specific topic. And you can see the strength or authority of your domain in terms of rankings. To improve your Domain Authority and, in turn, your SEO, link externally to high-ranked websites.

Guest posting is a two-way street: it helps to get you and your business "out there" and improves our SEO and marketing content too. All content would be published on the Train In Blocks website and, as when we interviewed Sean Wilson recently, it's mutually beneficial.

Sean gained exposure, and outreach and got himself noticed whilst, for us, it helped our marketing and credibility through speaking to an industry expert. You can find audio clips of our interview with him on our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn channels.

If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger for Train In Blocks, please get in touch with our Head of Marketing Hannah Goodman via email at [email protected].

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