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International Women's Day 2022

5 Female Fitness Influencers: International Women's Day 2022

Created by Jamie Spoor


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Tuesday 8th March marked International Women's Day in which the world marked the seismic achievements of women in the social, political, economical and historical landscape across the globe.

Women now have major roles to play in almost every major world industry you can think of, including health and fitness, with an increasing number of female influencers having a string-pulling impact on a crowded market.

Train In Blocks didn't want to let the occasion pass by without acknowledging the important roles amazing women have had when it comes to shaping our game. So here, we take a look at just a few key female figures from the world of fitness and how TIB can help you to follow their lead.

Table of Contents

  1. Gillian McKeith
  2. Lindsey Vonn
  3. Elizabeth Cutler & Julie Rice
  4. Lisa Lindahl
  5. Hannah Rose Goodman

Gillian McKeith

Although not a medically qualified doctor, the outspoken — and often controversial Scot — is a PhD in nutrition and a dietetic technician. Whatever your opinion of her may be, there can be no denying she has done more than her fair share in improving the nation's dietary conscience.

Despite the fact she is best known for fainting on live TV during her stint on the 2010 series of I'm a Celebrity, McKeith has also published diet books, five of which have become bestsellers. She has also developed her own range of foods, gels and powders and appeared on TV championing the benefits of healthy living.

On her blog, McKeith points out that food is potentially an emotional issue. It can be uncomfortable for some people to have to give up certain junk foods to which they have become accustomed.

Gillian’s goal is to make it easier for people to get onto the path of a new life, keep them supported, motivated and inspired; her mission is to empower people to improve their lives through information, food and lifestyle.

By keeping fit, maintaining a healthy diet and smashing your fitness goals, TIB can look to follow Gillian's philosophy when it comes to getting in your groove.

Gillian McKeith (Source: McKeith Research Ltd )

Lindsey Vonn

Olympic gold medallist and World champion ski racer Vonn has become a social media sensation with her home workouts and collaboration with an award-winning personal training brand.

Since retiring from the ice in 2019 with two Olympic and eight World Cup medals in her pocket, American Vonn has been putting her expertise to good use. She has swapped skis for the treadmill in creating exclusive content and running fitness and personal training classes as smart home gym Tempo's Coach and Strategic Advisor.

Vonn worked with Tempo to expand their sport-inspired programme and help their clients prepare for their own personal fitness journeys. She set up and released a six-part series of fitness challenges, inspired by her own training routine as a professional athlete before becoming an adviser for the company as the fitness industry has continued to evolve within our own homes, which of course hit its zenith during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. Vonn has also taken to YouTube to post regular fitness videos on balance exercises and core workout techniques.

Lindsey Vonn (Source: @lindseyvonn )

Elizabeth Cutler & Julie Rice

In 2006, spin class teacher Ruth Zukerman introduced her client, estate agent Elizabeth Cutler, to entertainment head hunter Julie Rice and a fitness phenomena was born. The three entrepreneurial women started up SoulCycle — as the name suggests, a cycling company specialising in trendy studios, high-end clients and intense cardio workouts.

The classes combine HIIT, resistance and strength training whilst pushing the pedal to the metal to music on a stationary bike and are designed to build your endurance, stamina and speed.

Thanks to all those intervals, the workout boosts cardio endurance, burns major calories, and tones muscles. All while still going easy on your joints. You can check out "how to HIFT".

The ever-growing popularity of the classes has proved a hit (no pun intended) among iconic female figures including Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Victoria Beckham. The company is now set up in 99 locations and came to London in 2019. Cutler & Rice sold their shares in the company and stepped down as CEOs in 2016 — $90m richer

Soul Cycle Founders ( Startups.com )

Lisa Lindahl

Today, it's impossible to imagine going for a run or popping into a fitness class without a sports bra. But it wasn’t until 1977 that Lisa Lindahl, diagnosed with epilepsy aged four, created a girl's favourite workout partner. After picking up the habit of jogging, Lindahl began working on prototypes for a more supportive fitness bra.

After several attempts, costume designer and Lindahl's business partner Polly Smith sewed two jockstraps together and Lindahl tested it on a run. This became the first workable sports bra prototype. The design of the “jockbra”—later known as the jogbra, and now the sports bra —has been improved and improved over the years, so much so it's now an essential part of every girl's workout and exercise raison d'etre. In the "About" section on her website, there is the full story of Lindahl's life-changing invention.

Lisa Lindahl ( lisalindahl.com )

Hannah Rose Goodman

Our very own marketing and branding queen, the lovely lass from Birmingham and now an adopted maid of Kent, Hannah is the brains behind the operation that is TIB.

In short, she makes it all happen and keeps us all in order. My one-time gym buddy and now respected colleague, Hannah always offers advice and support, particularly in these early days of our business. Hannah's steady hand on the tiller — particularly with the social media and SEO side of us, has helped to keep us running. Without her, TIB wouldn't be where we are now as we continue to grow. Thank you Hannah and well done! You're a star.

Hannah Rose Goodman

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