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Work out as a couple this Valentine's Day

Spice up Valentine's Day with our couples workouts

Created by Jamie Spoor


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The most romantic day of the year is here again! The fabled Valentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate, extravagant meals and calorific overindulgence, but there are other ways you and yours can celebrate lover’s day.

At the outset of 2022, you may both have made a New Year’s pledge to work out more, eat better and watch your weight. So why not combine the two with a Valentine’s Day workout you can both enjoy - after all, as the old adage says - couples that workout together, stay together.

So why not make the best of both worlds this February 14th with these Valentine’s Day workout ideas for two with Train in Blocks.

Plank Pull

All you will need here is the two of you and a couple of towels. Both of you will start in the ‘plank’ position, with your shoulders directly above your wrists, arms straight and your core tight. Each partner will then use their right hand to hold opposite ends of the towel, whilst staying in your starting position.
Then pull the towel towards yourself and away from your partner, with them to do the same and therefore creating resistance. Do this two or three times with your right hand, then switch to your left hand and do the same.

Plan pull

Wheelbarrow Squats

For this one, one of you will begin in a regulation push-up position. The other partner will then stand behind you behind the other’s legs, holding your ankles. The partner in the push up position will then kick their core into action and unleash a push up. At the same time, the person holding the other’s ankles will then lower into a squat. Make sure you keep your back straight and arms out during the process. Perhaps aim for between 20 - 25 repetitions and then switch positions.

Wheelbarrow push-up squats

Leg push

One partner will start on the ground with the other on their feet next to their partner’s head. Whoever is on the ground should grab the standing person’s ankles for support. Next, the lying-down partner brings their legs up to their partner, who will then push them back down but all the while keeping them straight. Bring them back up but make sure you don’t touch the ground and switch roles after a minute or so.

Leg push

Plank and sit ups

For this one, partner one lays on their back with their feet planted firmly on the ground. The other person will then grab their plus one’s feet to hold them in place and do a plank exercise with their arms straight. Partner one comes into a sit up and in keeping with the romantic, intimate theme, throw a kiss in at the apex of the routine. Then rotate and switch over, again after 30 seconds or so.

Plan and sit-up

(Source: Tyler Read)

Wall squat and tricep dip

This one involves person one in a wall squat with their legs bent at 90 degrees and their back against the wall - quite literally of course, not metaphorically. From there, the second person places their hands on their partner’s knees, pointing arms and fingers forwards, and performs a series of tricep dips - ideally ten reps each. Swap over after 30 seconds or so. This exercise will help focus on lower body muscles, glutes, quads, calves and hamstrings.

Wall squats

(Source: Marco Verch)

Squat press

One of the more intense ‘couples’ workout, begin by standing back-to-back with only a small gap between you. Make sure there’s enough space so only your butts touch when you lower into the squat position. You could increase the difficulty by both having a weight to hold during the process. Then, both squat simultaneously and, at the lowest point, pass the weight/s between your legs to your partner. You will then both drive back up into the standing position. The partner to receive the weight during the routine will then pass it back to you through a press. Do this 20 times over then switch positions.

Learn more on how to properly execute a good squat.

Squat press

If you and your significant other have put fitness to the forefront of your Valentine’s Day plans, then why not give these couples exercises a go. Or alternately if these don’t take your fancy (pun intended), you could consider doing a fitness class together like pilates, HIIT or strength and conditioning.

Either way, whatever your workout goals or ambitious, Train in Blocks is here to help put the fun back into fitness so grab your partner and pump some iron this Valentine's Day.

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