What did we do in the Andromeda update?

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On your client's profile page, you can now schedule bookings wherever or whenever they may be. Your client will also have the ability to request bookings; you will be able to accept or reject their request.

Client Profile

From their home page, they can add a profile picture, change their details, and request bookings.

You can now obtain a link to view current bookings using your calendar of choice (Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc).

Referral Discounts

We like to reward your loyalty. Get others on-board and we will give you a permanent discount on your subscription. The trainer you refer will also recieve a discount as an incentive.

Stats Table

Get more information from each session and programme. We've added a table which summarises the data shown in the graph with the date and session it occured at.

Updated UI

Of course, a new update means a better user interface and experience. We've taken the time to listen to our user's feedback and have made some changes accordingly.

Offline Support

If you lose connection whilst managing your clients and programmes, Train In Blocks will now attempt to retry and give you access to some functions offline.

Faster and Smaller

A lot of 'under-the-hood' changes made which improved the speed and size of Train In Blocks.

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